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About Us

4Elements KiteSchool is a kite school open by two friends passionate about this sport, kitesurfing. Formed by the IKO  (International  Kitesurfing Organisation) and ABK (Associação Brasileira de Kitesurfoffer kite courses of best quality and credibility in Jericoacoara. Our focus is to teach our students having fun and enjoy themself, but at the same time offering  100%  safety.

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Our school offers kite courses for  beginners, intermediate, independent and advanced kiters. The independent course  takes in average  09 hours of classes. Our school is working with North Kiteboarding equipment, which is one of the best brands of kiteboarding. In our courses we use kites of different sizes, appropriate to the needs and skills of the student. We always provide lifejackets and helmets to ensure the student safety. Each student has a radio installed in the helmet to receive instant instructions from instructor. This is a great advantage because it enhancesyour learning and saves you time.

Beginner course (Kitesurf experience) 03 hours

After first hours of the course the student will know the basics of kite. The student learned following skills:

  • Carry and Set up the lines  and kite

  • Determine the wind direction, Upwind and Downwind

  • Know how to stop the kite power in case of the problem by releasing the bar

  • Get to know safety systems

  • Kite Recovery and securing it on land

  • Kite control on the wind window

  • Launch and land the kite with assistant

  • Fly a kite with one hand

  • Perform a downwind course ( Body Drag) using the power of the kite

  • Identify and potential dangerous obstacle, define wind directions, understands the danger of off shore winds.

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Intermediate Course 06 Hours

Intermediate course teach students the techniques to control the power of the kite and how to move in the water. During this part of the course the student will learn:

  • Define if the area is safe for practice  

  • Set up and check the equipment alone

  • Body dragging with constant power

  • Body dragging upwind

  • Body dragging with board

  • Kite control in the water with one hand

  • Board recovery

  • Know and understand using trim system

Independent course 09 hours

Independent counsel course will teach students more inportante skill in life kiteboarder !!! Stand on the board! This course will teach part:
• Rights and navigation rules
•  Water Start (get up on the board)
• Ride into the sea and return to the coast
• Edging
• Stop edging 
• Edging upwind
• Ride off the coast and back to the starting point

Advance Lessons 2-3 hours improving student skills

Advanced classes to improve technical student and learn more advanced skills like;

  • Improving riding upwind

  • Riding toe-side

  • Jumping

  • Improving transitions and air-transitions

  • Unhooked

  • Surf board


private lesson (01 instructor / 01 student / 01 kite)

The best way to learn kiteboarding, the student will have instutor watching at all time. Instutor  will adapt the class to the student to improve learing process.  It is ideal for people who like more personalized service that will focus only on their skills.

BEGINNER COURSE 03 HOURS;                BRL $ 900.00



ADVANCED COURSE 03 HOURS:             BRL $ 800.00

Group lessons (01 instructor / 2 students / 01 kite)

Instructor will teach two students at the same time with only 01 kite. Students switching kite between them, they're going to learn the skills. This option is good for people who like to learn in groups or couples who want to learn kitesurfing together.




* Course prices per student






We offer together with the Pousada Blauset packages of kite lessons and hotel. Best way to enjoy your vacation with your family and learn kitesurfing at the same time. We offer promotional pricing for our students. See the options below:

2 Days Pack, perfect for weekends

Package for people who only have availability during the weekends. Includes lodging (up to 02 people) with breakfast and 4 hours of course

  • Standard room package (sea view and fan only)  R$ 1150,00

  • Package in the Comfort room (garden view, TV, AC and minibar) R$ 1250,00

4 Days Pack, deal for short holidays

Package for people who are available to take short vacations of a few days a week. Includes lodging (up to 02 people) with breakfast and 9 hours of course

  • Standard room package (sea view and fan only) R$ 2799,00

  • Package in the Comfort room (garden view, TV, AC and minibar) R$ 2999,00

7 Day PAck, for those want to kite a lot!

Package for people who want to enjoy a week of vacations and learn to sail and stay independent in the water. Includes accommodation (up to 02 people) with breakfast and 12 hours of course

  • Standard room package (sea view and fan only)  R$ 3960,00

  • Package in the Comfort room (garden view, TV, AC and minibar) R$ 4250,00

Room Standard

Quarto Standard
Quarto Standard

Nosso quarto com vista mar e ventilador


Room Comfort

Quarto Comfort
Quarto Comfort

Nosso quarto com AC TV e Frigobar vista jardim

Quarto Comfort
Quarto Comfort

Nosso quarto com AC TV e Frigobar vista jardim


4elements kiteschool

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Taiba, CE , Brazil